Professional Voice Over Talent

Voice Talent

Vicki Amorose

Distinctive, Crisp, Hypnotic

Voice Talent

Aaron Tucker

Strong, Deep, Up-beat

Voice Talent

Janice Downes

Approachable, Articulate, Believable

Voice Talent

Larry Wayne

Warm, Sincere, Professional

Voice Talent

Lisa Rice

Natural, Convincing, Bright

Voice Talent

Michael Turnbull

Clear, Precise, Persuasive

Voice Talent

Ashley Garrett

Warm, Professional, Intelligent

Voice Talent

Dan Hurst

Smooooth, Rich, Compelling

Voice Talent

Melanie Haynes

Rich, Smooth, Compassionate

Voice Talent

Craig Burnett

Caring to Knock Your Socks Off

Voice Talent

Melanie Lilly

Friendly, Informative, Ear-catching

Voice Talent

L Harvey Gold

Gruff, Climatic, Mature


Voice Talent

Jason McCoy

Dramatic, Rousing, Electrifying


Voice Talent

Ed Victor

Powerful, Intense, Smarmy



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